Our Meat


All of our bacon is made with antibiotic free pork. We use only the minimum amounts of nitrates required by the CFIA. More importantly, we do not add phosphates or water to the meat. This leaves you with an intense pork flavour and great texture. Dry cured, naturally smoked – we promise that there is no other bacon like Seed to Sausage bacon.

Old Fashioned 
Bacon the way it was meant to be. Smoked with hickory in a real smoke house

Black Pepper Molasses
Nothing more than a simple cure, rich molasses and fresh cracked black pepper. This combined with the hickory wood smoke is a natural pairing.





All of our sausages are made gluten free, with pork that has been raised hormone free and anti-biotic free. 

Caramelized Onion and Peppers
We heat our award winning dry cured chorizo to get a pot of chorizo oil and then use it to caramelize our onions, then combine with hand chopped fresh peppers and pickled jalapenos.

Red Wine and Garlic
Bottles of Casa Dea Red Wine are poured into the mixer over loads of fresh garlic, salt and pepper. Making our most popular sausage is that simple.

Maple Walnut
Real maple syrup and hand chopped walnuts.

Apple Sage
Hand cut fresh apples, apple juice and fresh sage.

Jalapeno Cheese Curd Smokies
Our version of one of history’s greatest revelations, the cheese smokie. We combine our sausage, pickled jalapenos and 20% fresh cheese curds. Since we cook them to perfection all you have to do is heat and eat.  Crisp up the skin and throw it on a bun or slice it up and place it on a charcuterie board. This one is sure to please.




All of our salamis are made gluten free, with pork that has been raised hormone free and anti-biotic free.

Chorizo (cured)
A well known Spanish style salami full of bold earthy flavors loaded with a variety of chilis, mildly spicy but bold in its flavor. A small amount can be used to add complexity to any dish or simply eaten on its own with a good drink.

Saucisson Sec (cured)
Salt and time are what we use to make this authentic french style salami. That and some garlic and pepper. This and our chorizo won us an award as one of Canada’s top artisan food producers.

Hunters Salami (smoked)
This is truly a European salami. Mild flavour with whole mustard seed, nutmeg and cumin. Perfect for any lunch sandwich.

Smoked Northern Italian
This salami is made combining high quality pork with mild heat from Italian peppers. It is then naturally fermented creating its tangy wine-like characteristic. We finish this salami with a balanced smoke from hickory wood. The easy to bite through texture makes this the perfect meat for a Panini or any other Italian style sandwich or sub.

Calabrese (cured)
A nice spicy dry cured salami. Perfect on pizza or sliced for a sandwich. We have been known to eat this all before it gets on anything else though!

Genoa (cured)
Dry cured salami made with red wine. A well balanced flavour makes it good for all ages.


Assorted Meats

Duck Prosciutto
Simple, salty and elegant – a must for any charcuterie platter.  A little goes a long way – slice thin, pair with a small piece of honey comb, a great cheese and a glass of wine.

Smoked Duck Breast
Juniper, honey, maple and smoke. A lovely, moist and tender addition to any charcuterie board. Have alongside our duck prosciutto or as a smoky element to a salad.


This flat pancetta is a dry-cured, skin-on pork belly that is seasoned with black pepper and juniper and rosemary. Pancetta piana is delicious sliced thinly and served alone. It is also traditionally used to flavour many dishes from pastas to soups.

House Cured Ham
Inspired by Paul Bertolli, this ham is just a great ham with the simplest cure we can make, smoked in house. The idea being that a great ham should be able to stand on its own. This is a cooked ham with no added phosphates. Great hickory smoked ham taste, light salt, porky sweetness with a natural tender texture.

The cured, cooked copa muscle covered with paprika and cayenne pepper. This stuff is great on a sandwich or fried up in thick slices for breakfast.

What I remember from the Montréal delis of my childhood. We make it the same way smoked meat was made in the olden days. Simply steam and slice and throw on some quality rye with a good slather of mustard and your stomach will thank you. We can’t help but help ourselves before it even hits the bread though!


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